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eNamix is dedicated to improving and making an impact for any growing leader. Our expertise-filled history of serving the technical staffing market across the country has resulted in us building an extensive base of client and employer contacts that can fill your next position for a new or recurring project’s technical specialist need.

What Technical Staffing Services Can We Perform For You?

eNamix wants to listen to your needs first and foremost. To accomplish your goals, we need to understand what you’re looking for and find talent across a vast spectrum of specialties and technical skill sets. We source and recruit to your company’s strategic objectives and your project that is in need of a technical specialist that can bring success to your company. Ultimately, eNamix is here your save your business time and money while filling a technical position with screened and highly-qualified candidates.

Positions We Fill

  • Full-Time
  • Contract
  • Direct Placement
  • Right-to-Hire

Industries We Focus On

We want to give you an advantage and help you navigate the technical staffing demands that are always extremely competitive. Our knowledge of various target markets and industries will result in finding you the right candidate in a cost-effective manner. We work with companies where we can add value, particularly emerging technologies whether it be a start-up, early-stage, or well established. Industries we most recently have catered to include:

  • SaaS / PaaS
  • Search Engine
  • Mobile Software
  • Security and other Turnkey Solutions
  • Green Technology
  • Web Analytics and other Web Solutions
  • Education
  • Financial
  • IT Governance
  • Start-Up, Early Stage, Emerging, and Disruptive Technology
    (see our Entrepreneur Services)

Why eNamix?

eNamix focuses on building high-quality long-term relationships and strives to maintain a high level of quality and professionalism through the technical staffing services that we provide. We believe:

  • relationships that foster mutual respect and admiration with a high level of integrity are key to building a successful on-going solution.
  • the hire and search process is made easier when expectations are set at the beginning and maintained throughout.
  • the better we know you and your needs, the more efficient we will be to provide you with solutions more effective for your time and interests.

Although we strive to provide everything you need, if we don’t have the specific solution for your needs, we would be happy to introduce you to one of our partner companies that would better suit your purpose. The most important outcome is to fulfill your needs, whatever they may be.

Our technical staffing agency is more than just algorithms as eNamix is always looking to innovate through AI technology and the personal expertise of our agents. eNamix is here for you to find the right fit, right away.

Get Started Today with eNamix

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