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eNamix provides highly-customizable and creative staffing solutions tailored to your needs, circumstances, corporate culture, roles and responsibilities, and goals. We provide flexible and permanent placement staffing solutions to the Southern California marketplace and beyond. eNamix staff members have a passion for talent and a desire to provide you with the highest quality staffing solutions and service and best placement results possible. Our broad range of recruitment resources covers every aspect of your software development, business development, market, sales, executive, and infrastructure.

How We Do What We Do

The key to our process is understanding you and, in turn, tailoring a process and staffing solution most effective to accomplish your goals. The better we understand you and your needs, the more effective we can represent your organization to prospective talent. We ask questions and then listen. We let our clients tell us what they need. We hear what they are saying, and then we reflect back on other projects or clients to find ways of approaching your needs based on our experience. We can work with clients in any circumstances they are most used to. Depending on those circumstances, we are as hands-on or hands-off as you need us. We genuinely care about the success of your business because it makes our business successful, too. We are genuinely linked to your success, which determines our success.

Industries We Focus On

We have worked with mom and pops to Fortune 2000 companies. We work with companies where we can add value, particularly emerging technologies whether it be a start-up, early stage or well established. Industries we most recently have catered to include:

  • SaaS / PaaS
  • Search Engine
  • Mobile Software
  • Security and other Turnkey Solutions
  • Green Technology
  • Web Analytics and other Web Solutions
  • Education
  • Financial
  • IT Governance
  • Start-Up, Early Stage, Emerging, and Disruptive Technology
    (see our Entrepreneur Services)

How We Find Talented Professionals

We have been building a network of talented professionals since the mid 90′s. Staffing is a relationship business and good people know good people. We’ve worked with outstanding people who introduce us to other talented people. This means we are always building our network with new introductions from people we know. With our concentrated network in Southern California, we have been fortunate to build out a wide range of overlapping contacts. We always have an immediate pool of individuals, with excellent recommendations, to draw from. Like many firms we service, we also utilize technology to most expeditiously find the talent that you need. We use job boards, user groups, associations, social networks, automation, and whatever other technical resources are available.

Our network of resources covers a wide breadth of expertise from:

  • C-Level, VP’s, Directors and Managers
  • Project, Product and Program Managers
  • Application, Database, Systems, and Information Architects
  • Software Engineers, Developers, and Programmers
  • Web Developers and Designers
  • Network, Infrastructure and Telecommunications Specialists
  • Analysts for Business Systems Technology, Marketing, Sales and Quality/Test
  • and many other technology specialists

Our Consulting Services

Whether you require one expert or a whole team using your own methodology, we work with you to come up with the best solution to help you reach your goals. Our consultants are fully insured and can be provided on an hourly, fixed bid, and contract-to-hire basis depending on your needs. Our streamlined operation allows us to provide you extremely competitive prices. Although we strive to provide everything you need, if we don’t have the specific solution for your needs, we would be happy to introduce you to one of our partner companies that would better suit your purpose. The most important outcome is to fulfill your needs, whatever they may be.

Our Business Practices

eNamix focuses on building high-quality long-term relationships and strives to maintain a high level of quality and professionalism through the services and staffing solutions that we provide. We believe relationships that foster mutual respect and admiration with a high level of integrity are key to building a successful on-going solution.

Our agreements have ranged from customizing contingency, retainer, hourly, engagement-based and hybrid agreements. We will be happy to customize a solution for you. We have a diligent process of information gathering that begins in the first conversation. We believe that this information gathering approach is key to building a solid partnership with you.

We believe that the hire and search process is made easier when expectations are set at the beginning and maintained throughout. We believe that the better we know you and your needs, the more efficient we will be to provide you with staffing solutions more effective for your time and interests. takes advantage of many forms of network and recruiting techniques but focuses mostly on referral business. looks to build relationships with all professionals but knows that employees who are comfortable and relatively happy in their current positions are often the most marketable and in demand.

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