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eNamix is committed to making your next critical hiring decision an easier one and that includes providing high-quality employment screening services.

Other recruiters may promise candidates for your job, however that doesn’t always mean the candidates provided are good matches for the role you’re looking to fill. eNamix strives to give less work to your company’s hiring manager, along with a shorter hiring process.

eNamix will make sure you avoid the numerous problems that can arise without proper screening services. Simple issues like misunderstanding the logistics of a position occur frequently and unfortunately waste the time of the hiring manager and those performing the interview. And the bottom line is that this situation leads to your company losing money due to delays in the hiring process.

eNamix’s employment screening services will screen every potential candidate with phone and video interviews. Our team will take your hiring requirements and utilize tools like our advanced automated interview and screening application Appliqant to source qualified candidates. This addition of our automation tool does so much more at an efficient price.

Our process removes the “surprises,” you often see when conducting interviews. For each candidate we submit, you will have gotten:

  • A full video interview
  • A comprehensive personality profile
  • A technical skills assessment (if applicable)
  • An IQ Score (optional)

Use an employment screening service you can trust, bring results and high-quality candidates, and ultimately help your company’s bottom line. Contact an Account Manager now to help with your project, contract, and permanent hiring needs at Contact Us.

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