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How to Find a Mentor

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Finding a professional mentor can be an invaluable asset for individuals striving to advance their career. They can provide industry insights, career advice, foster connections, open new opportunities, and more.   However, finding a mentor [...]

What is SecOps?

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Companies are now prioritizing shortening the release schedule for software, applications, and websites over implementing security procedures. However, with cybercrime occurring 2,244 times per day on average, the need for safe and secure digital [...]

Top 9 Technology Jobs in Demand for 2021

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The state of jobs in technology has been booming for a long while and, despite the repercussions of COVID-19 on the job market, 2021 looks to be no different. The IDC, a research consultancy, [...]

The Hiring Freeze Myth: Is the End of the Year a Great Time to Hire?

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The end of the year hiring freeze is a common theory among both hiring managers and candidates. It’s easy to understand why this perception exists. According to Monster, January continues to be the busiest [...]

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