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How to Determine Your Company’s Average Cost Per Hire

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Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, making the right hire has become an even more crucial decision invoking anxiety and ultimately can significantly impact a company’s bottom line in this current climate. Some industries have [...]

3 Ways to Address Your Company’s Racial Hiring Bias

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For decades, studies have shown that racial bias impacts the hiring process drastically. Candidates with African American, Hispanic, and Asian-sounding names get called for interviews at rates down to half of those of their [...]

Using Your Practice Interview Results to Empower Your Job Search

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You have a unique opportunity through Appliqant’s Practice Interview: get real feedback from recruiters who use Appliqant’s platform to source top candidates, and recommendations to help you prepare for your real interview. This is [...]

What are hiring managers looking for in an automated video interview?

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Congratulations — you have been asked to complete an automated video interview for your dream job. Whether this is your first time completing a video interview or your 10th, you may be wondering what [...]

Advantages of Automated Video Interviewing for Remote Companies

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Recruiting the best talent for remote companies is a particular challenge, as your organization struggles to get a comprehensive view of the candidate solely through virtual interviews. Remote companies typically complete interviews over the [...]

The Cost of an Interview

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At Appliqant, we are dedicated to saving companies time and money while simultaneously finding them the best-qualified candidate for a position. How much does the average company spend interviewing a candidate? The numbers may [...]

The Scourge of “Fake” Candidates

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Whether you call it resume padding or application fraud, the trend of candidates lying on their resumes is increasing as unemployment rises. The problem can get even worse, with fake candidates applying and performing [...]

4 Ways Artificial Intelligence Video Interviewing Drives Your Customer Service Recruitment

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Whether you are hiring customer service representatives, retail store workers, telecallers, or any other customer service role, your company can benefit from implementing video interviewing in your recruitment process. These customer-facing employees have some [...]

The Evolution of Artificial Intelligence in Automated Interviews

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An emerging trend in recruiting is the rise of automated interviewing, including the integration of artificial intelligence technology. This transition is a boon for the largely outdated recruiting industry. AI components allow companies to [...]

3 Critical Ways Automated Personality Assessment is Revolutionizing Recruitment

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Recruiting practices haven’t changed much in recent decades: applicants apply for a position and go through several rounds of interviews with potential supervisors and coworkers. These stakeholders all individually analyze and interpret the interview [...]

Best Practices: 6 Important Things to Include on Your Company Employment Portal

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With the use of technology the way businesses conduct their operations is changing drastically. There are six things that should be included in the online employment portal so that information [...]

Staffing and Recruitment in the Blockchain World – Process Improvements and Efficiencies

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This paper discusses the practical application of Blockchain to a specific set of business processes relevant to the staffing and recruitment industry. Blockchain technology can be used to revamp the business processes and bring a [...]

November 2017 TEN Newsletter

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Hi TEN Members, Over the past few months, we decided to explore some useful tips and techniques designed to help improve your interview experience.  Some of these newsletter topics included: "The 3 Questions That Matter [...]

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