AI Recruiting Software

Choosing eNamix can also include the benefit of utilizing our advanced automation application and AI recruiting software Appliqant. Appliqant streamlines the candidate hiring process with an AI recruiting software that powers automated video interviews, personality evaluations, and technical assessments.


  • Full Candidate Coverage – We’ll take screening interviews of all your candidates.
  • Comprehensive Profiles – Go beyond the resume and build personality profiles.
  • Streamlined Process – We utilize blockchain for streamlined submissions and open processes.
  • Save Time & Money – eNamix won’t waste your time rescheduling and canceling interviews or setting up interviews with unqualified candidates.

Other Features

  • Automated technical and IQ screening – Fully automated interviews with technical and IQ assessments.
  • Multi-Language Support – Need bilingual candidates? Appliqant provides interviews in 8 different languages.
  • Fully Secure and EU GDPR Compliant – Interview videos and results are stored on our enterprise-grade-secure servers. Data can only be accessed by the company and the candidate.
  • Reporting & Comparative Statistics – Get comprehensive reports on performance over time – including interview conversion ratios. Compare your numbers with the rest of the industry

The Hiring Process

Most companies have hiring processes and tools that have evolved over many years of trial and error. Processes are generally different for Full-time hiring and contingent labor (contractor) hiring. Processes can also differ significantly for different job categories – for instance, the employee hiring process for blue-collar and white-collar jobs will be very different. Our AI recruiting software can easily be incorporated into the process for any company – since the screening interview can largely be externalized, the rest of the process can continue as-is.

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