About Us

The eNamix Way

Staffing is a relationship business and good people know good people. Building relationships is all about trust, quality, conviction, performance, commitment, follow-through, teamwork and a passion for talent.

Our core philosophy is driven by the conviction that our clients want to hire the best available people in the market, in the shortest period of time, and pay the least amount of markup in the hiring process. This results in higher bottom lines for the company, and higher salaries for their employees.

What Is the eNamix Advantage?

Our Staffing service team will take your requirements and use advanced automation to source qualified candidates. For each candidate we submit, you will get:

  • A full video interview.
  • A comprehensive personality profile.
  • Technical skills assessment (if applicable).
  • IQ score (optional).

Using Appliqant allows us to keep our prices incredibly low. Essentially, not having our recruiters schedule and call candidates multiple times results in tremendous cost savings for us (and, of course, for you). Think of us as your Automated Staffing Agency, working hard to lower your costs.


Our Automation Staffing Agency markup, for Full-time and Contract positions, is lower than all of our competitors. Basically we will offer you a 5% discount on the rates offered by your current lowest priced recruitment vendor.


  • Appliqant allows us to screen our candidates without actually lifting the phone, so we can scale without adding significant costs.
  • Even if we need multiple people to screen a candidate, we don’t need to schedule multiple interviews. The same interview video and report can be reviewed by multiple users.
  • Our Appliqant bots work 24/7, charge zero overtime, don’t have to be paid a minimum wage, need no money for food, clothes or entertainment, and best of all only get better with overwork. We can be screening candidates at all hours and locations without incurring additional costs.
  • Our blockchain based processes reduce transaction costs with third parties to near-zero, so none of that is passed on to the client.

Can we sustain this?

Appliqant is becoming more efficient with every release. So yes, we are confident of not only sustaining these markups but quite possibly reducing them further in the future.

Will this be a significant change to your processes? Will people need to be trained?

Not at all! In this model, your hiring teams are not direct users of Appliqant. The only change for you will be that you will now receive a full Appliqant interview report (video link, personality assessment, IQ scores, technical scores) along with each candidate’s resume.  And you will pay much much less if you end up hiring the candidate.

The markup may be low – but how can you be sure that the salaries/rates aren’t inflated?

Our policy is to be as transparent as possible in the process (hence the blockchain!). So our clients can choose to directly negotiate wages with candidates (yes, even contract candidates). Or they can let us do it – in which case we post all negotiated numbers for client approval.

Can you continue to use your other staffing companies/vendors/recruitment agencies?

Yes, of course. You can continue to use all your current vendors and agencies. You will just get candidates through one additional source – Appliqant.