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Apprentice Trailblazers: Share your story, build the future

Title: Apprentice Trailblazers: Share your story, build the future


As the apprenticeship system continues to evolve and diversify, registered apprenticeship remains a gold standard of work-based learning. In celebration of the transformative impact apprenticeships have had on millions of individuals over the past 86 years, we are thrilled to launch the Apprentice Trailblazer Initiative. This initiative aims to create a national network of apprentices and apprenticeship graduates, providing them with a platform to share their stories and experiences, highlighting how apprenticeships can increase opportunities for underserved populations and communities.

The Apprentice Trailblazer Initiative

The Apprentice Trailblazer Initiative is a key component of our Youth Employment Works strategy, which focuses on expanding access to equitable career opportunities for young people through registered apprenticeships. By sharing their experiences, Apprentice Trailblazers play a vital role in inspiring and motivating others to pursue apprenticeships, while showcasing the diverse pathways and success stories that can result from this form of work-based learning.

Benefits of Becoming an Apprentice Trailblazer

The first cohort of Apprentice Trailblazers will concentrate on young individuals aged 16-24. Apprenticeships provide young people with a unique opportunity to gain critical skills, work experience, and access to a career pathway. As an Apprentice Trailblazer, participants will not only develop leadership and teamwork skills but also engage in networking and mentorship opportunities to further enhance their professional development.

Ensuring Equity and Access

With an eye towards the future, it is crucial to grant all youth, especially those from traditionally underrepresented populations, equal access to apprenticeships. By amplifying the voices of Apprentice Trailblazers from diverse backgrounds and communities, we can help ensure that apprenticeships are accessible to individuals of all races, genders, socio-economic backgrounds, and abilities.

How to Apply

If you are a youth apprentice or a recent graduate interested in becoming an Apprentice Trailblazer, please coordinate with your Registered Apprenticeship sponsors to submit your application. The application deadline for the first cohort is September 30th, and the announcement of the selected Apprentice Trailblazers will take place during National Apprenticeship Week from November 13th to 19th.

To find the application and learn more about the initiative, please visit the Apprentice Trailblazer page on our website.

Spread the Word

We urge you to spread the word about the Apprentice Trailblazer Initiative within your networks and encourage youth apprentices and recent graduates to apply. Help us build a vibrant network of Apprentice Trailblazers who can inspire the next generation of apprentices and contribute to the growth and diversification of registered apprenticeships.

Join the conversation on social media by tagging us with #ApprenticeTrailblazers and #ApprenticeshipUSA.


The Apprentice Trailblazer Initiative holds the potential to transform the lives of countless young individuals by providing them with the platform to share their stories, experiences, and the ways in which registered apprenticeships have impacted their lives. By embracing diversity, equity, and inclusion, and ensuring access to apprenticeships for all, we can build a future that is driven by the talent and potential of every individual.

Note: The content of this blog post focuses solely on the Apprentice Trailblazer Initiative and does not delve into the use of AI products in recruitment.

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