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Top 5 Things You Missed at Federal Tech Day 2023!

Although Federal Tech Day 2023 was focused on the innovative technology used by federal agencies to serve the public and advance their missions, there are also implications for the recruitment and staffing industry. With nearly 100 displays and 50 exhibits from 14 agencies, there was a lot to see and learn, including ways in which artificial intelligence (AI) is transforming the workforce for the better.

One of the top booths at Federal Tech Day was the Office of Personnel Management’s (OPM) Utilization of Data Booth. OPM leverages interactive dashboards to promote data-driven decisions in HR, improving data accessibility, consistent performance measurements across functions, and productivity. This technology has significant implications for the recruitment and staffing industry, where data analysis can help identify hiring trends and address patterns of bias in the recruitment process.

Another notable exhibit was the Internal Revenue Service’s (IRS) Augmented Reality Mobile Application, which demonstrated how anyone with a mobile device can use the app to scan IRS forms and obtain auto-generated taxpayer guidance. This app has both enhanced the taxpayer experience and boosted productivity. In the staffing industry, such a technology could streamline candidate onboarding and reduce paperwork, increasing efficiency and freeing up recruiters’ time.

The Federal Tech Day event also showcased the Office of Unemployment Insurance Modernization and Office of the Chief Information Officer, which partnered with the U.S. Postal Service to provide in-person identity verification services in a local post office within a few miles of most customers’ homes. This technology has the potential to reduce fraud and increase equity, which are essential considerations for recruiters when ensuring a diverse and inclusive workplace.

Ultimately, Federal Tech Day 2023 highlights that AI tools and experts in technology departments can bring greater efficiency to the recruitment and staffing industry. The use of data analytics, augmented reality, and in-person identity verification services demonstrates the potential for AI to transform the recruiting process, providing data insights for better decision-making and creating an equitable and bias-free recruitment environment. As such, events like Federal Tech Day can inspire innovation and collaboration between government agencies and private firms to implement AI that advances diversity and efficiency in the recruitment process.

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