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Hiring Remotely During the Coronavirus Crisis

By now, millions of employees have found their workplaces flipped upside down. Offices have been swapped for apartments, in-person meetings have been replaced by video calls, and kitchen tables have since transformed into desks. This is not news. However, what about the hiring process and the impact the coronavirus pandemic has unleashed on this procedure?


In-Person Interviews Put On Hold

Standard interview practice is to bring a candidate into a potential employer’s office for at least one interview, as this proves beneficial to both parties. Employers can evaluate a candidate’s attitude, nonverbal behaviors, as well as interpersonal skills. On the other hand, candidates get to explore their potential work environment and experience the company culture. 

In-person interviews are where employers can best grasp how an employee will perform in an environment, but social distancing has companies seeking alternative solutions.


Phone Interviews Are Lacking

Since in-person interviews are largely not feasible at this time, many companies are searching for an alternative method, such as phone interviews. Phone interviews are a popular option because they allow both parties to communicate in real-time, and most people have access to a phone. However, phones are entirely devoid of body language, which can be extremely important in communication and reading regardless of whether an individual is right for the job.


The Rise of the Video Interview

Video interviews are rapidly replacing in-person meetings as a go-to option for screening candidates. In the age of social distancing and stay at home orders, companies are adopting platforms such as Zoom, Google Meet, Skype, and BlueJeans to conduct virtual interviews.

Video interviews offer employers the ability to put a face to the name, see and hear how a candidate responds to questions, assess body language, and illuminate a candidate’s personality.

Under “normal” circumstances (i.e., without a worldwide pandemic), hiring managers might find it helpful to conduct video interviews before bringing candidates into the office. This is due to video interviews offering a great deal of insight; therefore, either party may realize the job opening is not the best fit for the candidate, thus saving both sides time. 

Furthermore, employers may want to use video interviews up until the final round of interviews and then bring the candidate into the office. Again, this provides greater flexibility and convenience for both candidates and employers. 


The eNamix Solution

Video interviews aren’t new to us at eNamix. We’ve been using video interviews to efficiently and effectively screen candidates well before the pandemic hit. But, interviews are only half the battle when it comes to hiring new candidates. There are important decisions and information to collect before inviting a candidate to an interview with the hiring manager, which is where we come into the equation.

The eNamix solution provides our clients with an extensive candidate profile using our Appliqant methodology. This methodology includes screening each candidate by having them submit a resume, complete a personality test, take an IQ exam, a skills quiz, and a customizable recorded video interview. After analyzing these different pieces from numerous candidates, eNamix sends over the candidate profiles we believe will best fit a client’s requirements.

This process allows our clients to increase hiring efficiency, which also translates to our clients saving money. Our streamlined process uses a combination of AI technology and human recruiting specialists to source the best candidates, so you can focus on your work.



The pausing of in-person interviews has companies reevaluating their hiring processes. This is paving the way to implement new procedures. So regardless of whether our new normal leads to the adoption of more video interviews or pre-assessment tests, it is an exciting time for hiring managers to innovate their processes to match not only the current work environment, but also adapt for the future.

This is a new frontier for many companies, so do not worry if you find yourself feeling unsure or lost. eNamix is here to help guide you through the remote interview and hiring process, as well as answering any questions that you might have along the way.

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